Thursday, August 7, 2014

Aislinn's First Birthday

Well I have almost got this blog up to date. Aislinn turned one on July 25th and we had a small party for her a couple of weeks ago. She had a good time smashing into her cake! We enjoyed watching her with her many expressions she has.  Aislinn has learned to stand on her own, walk behind a toy, talk in her gibber jabber, say mama, dada and scream for food; well it's more of a squeal! She doesn't have any teeth yet! There are a few trying to break through the gum, but haven't completely made it. The crazy thing is, it's her top teeth! How odd is that?? I guess she will have good healthy teeth though....or that's what I hear.

Sweet Birthday Girl

She got mad at Ry

My fav!

Love her faces!

Rylan's 5th Birthday

Rylan had a birthday party and invited a bunch of family and some friends. He wanted a dinosaur cake and a pool! LOL I couldn't believe that my boy was 5 years old. The time goes by so fast. I remember him being the little baby that we just brought home from the hospital and now he is writing and learning to read! He will be starting Kindergarten in the coming school year and he is extremely excited!

Spring-Summer 2014

Outside enjoying the spring weather

Daddy with Ry at the park

Mighty Ry!!

trying to roll over

Dedication Day March 23, 2013

Pastor and First Lady with Aislinn

Big Brother with Az


Mad baby

My 30th birthday and I got sushi!!!

Daddy and his girl

Az got to see the kids at school 

Buds Best Cookies Field Trip

Noccallula Falls 

My hubby doing his duck face! haha

Waiting on the train ride

Easter 2013 Aislinn 9 months

What a blessing these kids are to us! Rylan and Aislinn had a wonderful spring and summer. Rylan graduated from K4 and Aislinn graduated from rolling over and sitting up on her own.We had a great Dedication Day with our family and adopted family. We were very excited for the summer to come. Rylan had a birthday coming up around the corner and he was thrilled. (that will be in the next post)