Thursday, November 12, 2009

Teething, Temper Tantrums, and Talking

First drink out of the sippy cup

We were feeding him some rice cakes and he didnt realize there was some on his mouth to eat!

All dressed up for church.

Rylan has grown into a talkative, teething, temper tantrum thrower! Haha! I know that sounds horrible, but it really isn't that bad...IS IT??!?! Just kidding. He doesnt have any teeth showing yet, but he is chewing on everything and drooling like crazy. On top of that he is throwing fits! When you take something away from him he gets so's unbelievable. Ry talks all the time, as if we know what he is saying. I guess he has figured out his voice is for talking, like hs shoes are made for walking. haha. I'm waiting on him to start crawling. I don't think it will be much longer. He is sitting up so well now. It breaks my heart to see him growing so fast. But I guess it has to happen sometime. Also, when Butch or I walk away from him he gets so upset. His sleeping schedule is still pretty good. He only gets up one time a night and sleeps until I wake him up to get him ready. He's a wonderful baby...I hope I'm just as blessed with our second little one (whenever that will Rylan is such a great joy in our lives. I don't know what I would do without him. He just brings such a happiness to us. There is nothing in this world that can compare to motherhood. It's the biggest blessing anyone could ever have.

Fall Festival '09

How cute is he???

I had to keep his hands from touching his face.

We had our annual Fall Festival at church on Nov. 7th this year due to a "rain out" on Oct. 31st. There were lots of booths, great food, and lots of fellowship. I worked at the photo booth for half the time and kinda mingled a little bit. Rylan got his face painted with a brown nose and bananas on his cheeks by Sis. Tina (you made it on the blog!!) and Brooke. We had a good time and got some cute family pictures. We didn't stay for the whole thing,but we enjoyed it while it lasted! Maybe next year the horses will be back! Haha.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

1/2 of 1 Year

My sweet precious baby boy

hehe....Butch would kill me!

Mom & Dad at Longhorn's for Chase's bday

Grandma and Melinda lovin on Ry

Dad & Chase at Longhorn's

Our family

Ry on the Big motorcycle

My little monkey man

I love this smile!

My little Ry man has reached the six month old mark. The time has flown by so fast. I can't believe that we are half way to him being one year old. It just doesn't seem real. At his check up he weighed 17 lbs. 14 1/2 oz. and was 27 inches long. He is continuing to learn new things. Rylan has mastered rolling over, he moves objects back and forth between his hands, he loves banging his hands on the table or whatever is your face for instance! He can now sit up pretty good and loves to chew (or gum) on anything! Playing with his toys has become something he really enjoys doing. The most hilarious thing that he has figured out how to do is to mimic a cough. Butch, Rylan and I have all recently had a cold and cough. Well Butch kinda coughs real loud and gaggy sounding and Rylan has figured out how to mimic him. It's so funny!!! Rylan can now reach for the person he wants to go to...when he really wants to. And of course, he reaches for me most of all..haha. Just kidding. He does it equally between Butch and me. LOL. I tell you one thing, Butch can bring the biggest smile to Rylan's face. I never doubted that Butch would be a wonderful father, and he proves it every day. You can just see the love Rylan has for him. I love watching them together. I'm so very blessed!

For his first Halloween we did dress him in a little monkey outfit and I took him to the Homewood Police Department where they give away free popcorn, candy and have a big moonwalk jumpy thingy. Of course Rylan didn't participate in any of that, but it was fun. He did get to sit on one of the Homewood PD Motorcycles.

Today was Chase's birthday, the BIG 22! We went to Longhorn's Tuesday night and celebrated with the family and Rylan enjoyed some yummy food. We give him tiny pieces of bread and mashed potatoes and a few other things. He gets so mad if you are eating and not giving him anything. He literally throws a fit. It's hilarious. Our little man is really becoming his own little person right before our eyes!
I've had a hard time adjusting to him being in daycare and not being with him during the day. I really feel like I'm missing out on a lot. I really miss our time together and getting to see all the things he is learning every day. I eventually see it, but I'm not the first one to see it! It's a hard place to be, but I have to think that God has a reason and purpose for everything.