Saturday, June 12, 2010

Big Birthday Boy

This past year has went by so fast. On April 24, Ry turned the BIG 1! It seems like I just had Rylan put in my arms after he was born. I've looked at our photo albums of the Rylan's debut into this world over and over again. That day changed my entire life. I could have never imagined a better year than this past one. The time just flies and it's such an amazing journey. Butch and I have watched him grow and learn so many things. God really has blessed us with an amazing baby boy! We couldn't imagine our lives without him.
We had his birthday party planned to be at the park, but I don't know if you remember much about that Saturday, rained, stormed and several tornadoes touched down around Alabama. So needless to say, we celebrated his birthday Pizza Hut. We reserved a room and had a great time. His party was a cowboy/western theme - of course! He was dressed in some blue jeans, plaid shirt and had a cowboy hat that his Gappy had bought for him. He wouldn't wear it for very long, but we got some cute pictures of him. We had about 25 people come and get in on the fun! Rylan had a great time digging into his cake. He would have ate the whole thing if we had let him! He definitely made a big mess, but that's part of it! We had a lot of fun watching him. Everyone was cheering him on when he would pick the cake up and act like he was going to smash it in his face...but he never did it. (Thankfully!)

We took hundreds of pictures and there is no way I could upload them all - so I've chosen a few of them I thought you'd enjoy.