Monday, February 15, 2010

Crawling, Talking, Gawking...

Exploring his new room

Ashley, Clifton, Austin and Kaydence came over the day we moved in to bring Rylan to his new home (cause they had babysat him) and Kaydence took a ride on Rylan's horse!

They were playing together...or fighting over the

Crawling around everywhere!

My little Preacher Man

Me and Ry

He sleeps all over the place in his crib.

Pulling up already

So happy to be able to pull up on his own.

Well for those of you that don't know by now, Rylan is crawling like a pro! He conquered his new milestone on January 28. He had begun to do little bitty crawling steps at the beginning of that week, but it didn't take him long to get the hang of it. Now he is into absolutely everything!! You can't keep him out of anything. He goes after cords, little stuff, trash, phones, and whatever else he can get his hands on. I'm seriously trying to baby-proof the apartment because he is in the next bedroom before I catch up with him. The other night Butch and I were in the kitchen and I was keeping an eye on Ry while he was behind me playing with his refrigerator ABC toys. All of sudden it got really quiet and I looked around and didn't see Rylan. I asked Butch where he was and he didn't know either. I looked around the corner to our bedroom and he had crawled in there and was tearing some papers I had next to the bed. Gracious! I need to grow some eyeballs in the back of my head. My parents always told me they had eyes in the back of their heads, why didn't I come equipped with them?? Ry has got such a great personality of his own that just becomes more and more unique everyday. He is a little mischievous his daddy was. I was never into mischief! LOL.
Ry is constantly talking when we are at home or we are with new people. It's almost as if he's trying to show them he knows how to talk. He says bye bye, ma-ma, and da-da. He really says ma-ma a lot if he is crying or wants my attention. It's amazing how fast they learn to put words with people or actions. He has started waving too. When we get ready to leave in the mornings before I go to work he starts saying bye bye when I shut the front door.
Another thing he does is when he's around certain people that really catch his attention he just stares and gawks at them. For some reason he gets in this phase sometimes and I know people wonder why this kid is staring at them....but maybe he sees something that's weird..who knows! With the way folks look now-a-days, I guess I can understand why he does stare!
Since we have moved, Ry has been sleeping in his crib in his room....and he sleeps ALL NIGHT! Usually around 8:30-9:00 pm he starts getting cranky so we go into his room and I feed, rock, and sing to him for a few minutes and then I lay him in his crib and he goes to sleep on his own. He is such an awesome baby! God has really blessed me in this area. Rylan has always been such a great his momma...haha.
This precious little miracle that God has given us will always be the light of our lives...a day does not go by that I'm not thankful to God for my family and for the days that we have had together. I hope and pray that there are many more. Family....there's nothing like it.