Sunday, July 26, 2009

3 Month Stats

Morning times at our house are so JOYOUS!!

Those chunky cheeks are taking over his eyes! :)

Mommy Loves Rylan!!

my happy boy

sucking that thumb...hmmm..

1st time in his Horse Jumperoo
It neighs and "clip, clops" for the horses hooves when he jumps or bounces.

As promised, I am blogging to tell you the weight and height of my not-so-little boy at 3 months of age. =) I did not take Rylan and get him weighed, but my scales at home have been pretty accurate with what he has weighed at his actual doctor appointments. So I will say he is APPROXIMATELY 15 pounds!!!! I couldn't believe it. I know he is getting heavier, but my goodness...he is growing so fast. And he is 24 inches long. So he has gained about 3 lbs. in a month and grown an inch. Wow, it's just mind boggling. My son, my little baby boy, the one that was so tiny when he was born we felt like he would break, is just a little CHUNKY monkey! It almost brings me to tears every time I see Rylan doing something new. He is learning already and just picking up on things so fast. He's doing really great with holding the rattle and actually shaking it now. And, guess what - now this will break your heart - he slept thru the night 3 nights this past week! During the night I find myself checking on him to make sure he's ok...haha. Then in the morning I can't wait for him to wake up cause I've missed my time with him during the night when he would usually eat. I never thought I would say any of that!! You would think that I would be glad he's sleeping thru the night...well, I am, but it's another sign he's growing up and I'm not ready for that yet!!! I was in Wal-Mart Saturday and I was at Customer Service returning something and a lady came up with her little boy and she was looking for a school supply list for her child's 4th grade class. She was talking about how they just grow up so fast and it's almost like you blink and they are grown. I didn't have Rylan with me so she couldn't have known what was going thru my mind. I wanted to burst into tears! So all of you new moms that just had babies this past week - enjoy every minute of them being tiny and fragile and being dependent on you...cause there will come a time in the NEAR future they will be growing and want independence. And that near future will be here before you know it.

Visiting Grandparents

This past Friday we went to see my MawMaw & PawPaw (my mom's parents) since they had not seen Rylan since the end of June. My MawMaw was SO EXCITED! It was a total surprise and she was thrilled. They don't get to see the great grandchildren very much, so they were very happy that we came to see them. They couldn't believe how much he had grown. He is definitely a chunk now! We had a great time and we'll have to make it a point to go a little more often... :)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

It's Been 3 Months!!!

12 wks, 5 days

Rylan will be 3 months old tomorrow. I can't believe it. It's amazing how fast the time flies. Some days I wish he were still small and I could just cuddle him, but then there are days where he is laughing and kicking that makes me enjoy him getting bigger. He is growing like a weed! I'm going to weigh him tomorrow and measure his length and I'll post it so we can track his progress. He is sleeping real well at night. Most nights he wants to be fed about every 4-5 hours. But last night he slept for 8 WHOLE HOURS! He usually goes to bed about 8:30 and sleeps til about 11:00 am. (with his feedings during the night) When he is tired he wants his pacifier and his little security blanket next to his face. It's neat how he already has things he likes and wants. I cannot believe all the things he has learned in such a short amount of time. These are some of the things he can do:

  • Hold his head up on his own
  • Hold a rattle and bring it to his mouth
  • Kick his feet (you better get out of the way cause he'll kick you!)
  • Laugh - I enjoy this more than anything!
  • Smiling a lot more
  • "Talk" a little by saying something like
  • Get mad and burst out a mad cry that is loud and short - this is hilarious.
  • Watches his feet
  • Notices himself in mirrors
  • Just started kicking at the water in the bathtub
  • Watches the computer screen when I play his DVD Bible book that has Bible stories and songs.
  • Partially roll to one side

Butch and I are having a wonderful time being parents. There is nothing that compares to it whatsoever! Butch was riding a horse the other day and Rylan and I went out to watch him and Rylan enjoyed being out in the sunshine! I had him in the stroller so he wouldn't be getting sun directly on him and we strolled around and watched his daddy. He would just follow Butch on that horse and it was amazing to see how well he could focus in on that and just follow him with his eyes. I never knew how fast they caught on to things and learned. God really did do an amazing work when he created babies the way they are! Rylan has brought so much joy to our lives. I don't know what we would do without him. I barely remember life prior to having him.

Til next time - :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Trip to Sulligent

Great Grandma made him laugh so BIG!!

Great Aunt Melinda and my precious baby boy.

Dad had his 30 year class reunion this past weekend when we were in Sulligent. Dad and Mom dressed up for the occasion and looked mighty nice!

Dillon chillin with Rylan on the floor

Brianne looked at Rylan's head and said " He has a dent in his head!" What a blonde moment! LOL It's called the soft spot honey!

Caitlyn with Rylan. She loves to take care of Rylan when we come and visit. She's a great babysitter!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Five Generations

This past weekend we were in Sulligent and planned to take this picture for the five generations represented. My Paw Paw Walter (Dad's grandpa), Grandma (Dad's mom), Dad, Me and Rylan. It is very rare that you have 5 generations in a family so we wanted to mark this special occasion.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Rylan's First Vacation

We headed to the Great Smoky Mountains on July 4th so excited to finally be on vacation and also wondering how our 5 1/2 hour trip was going to be with a 2 month old. Rylan did really great on the long trip. He got pretty fussy when we were about 20 minutes from our destination - but can you blame him?? He slept most of the way and just looked around mostly. I was very relieved when we finally got there though. We had good family time and just enjoyed being together. Here are some pictures from just the driving around we did while we were there. We couldn't really do anything cause Rylan is still so young, but it was fun.

Friday, July 3, 2009


He slept while we ate

Dad cooking, David watching..haha

Those ribs are looking good Dad! (they were extraordinary as Chase said)

Mom working on something, Aunt Sonya holding Rylan, Caitlyn just hanging out

I had to take a break to feed the little one!

Precious Rylan

He just adores his Great Grandma

We finally got to eat!

Dad enjoying the ribsME definitely enjoying them obviously!
After the meal, everyone was worn out.

David, Rylan and Sonya

We went to my parent's house for our 4th of July feast, on the 3rd of July. Haha. Butch and I are leaving tomorrow going on vacation with Rylan to the mountains of Tennessee so we celebrated the 4th on the 3rd. =) We had a really great big feast. My dad cooked some awesome ribs, we had a Boston butt, sausage cooked on the grill, baked beans, french fries, garlic bread and some strawberry It was a great day. My grandma, cousin and Uncle David and Aunt Sonya were with us and celebrated as well. And of course, after we ate, every one had to take a nap and rest up with all that food in their bellies. (Except me because I was taking pictures!!) lol. Rylan had a great first July 4th on the 3rd!! It was a lot of fun and we enjoyed every bit of it. Dad & Mom - thanks for having us over and we really loved all the food!! It was delicious. =)