Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Missing Rylan

Rylan went out of town with his Gappy and Uncle Chase to Sulligent on Friday, Jan. 6 and he still isn't home!!! I'm missing him like crazy. We haven't went this long without seeing him since before he was born! I miss his laugh, his smiles, his cockiness (even though he gets in trouble for it), but most of all his hugs and kisses! He is a very lovable and cuddleable (is that a word?) little boy! He hasn't been too interested in talking to me on the phone when I call and that's real depressing :( He will basically say, hello , wuv you and bye. LOL...I mean, really?? When he gets back home today, I'm probably going to squeeze his insides out! The next 6 hours better go by fast because I'm so anxious to see my little boy.
Does it get easier when they are older to send them away with the grandparents or with friends? I'm sure it does, but right now I can't see it. Although, it has been really great to have 5 days with the hubby and being able to just spend time with him uninterrupted :) I miss those days and we have thought about them often since Rylan has been gone, but our lives just don't seem the same without Ry. I wouldn't want it any other way!! It's funny because we will be eating supper or just driving down the road and I'll look around trying to see what Rylan is doing and realize that HE ISNT HERE!!! Then it's very sad. Butch and I will spend hours just talking about all of Rylan's wonderful characteristics and how we are so very thankful for him and the joy he brings to our lives. He's one amazing little boy and we love him - and NO ONE can have him!

Monday, January 9, 2012

My First Photography Shoot!!!!

My Cowboy

My first subject for practicing my photography. :P He was very, very, very photogenic...I can't imagine where he gets that from! LOL I had a blast with Ry and my mom while taking these pictures. He had a lot of fun playing with his gun and dressing up like a cowboy. I was very pleased with the pictures and even used them for my Christmas card this year. Hope you enjoy!