Sunday, October 11, 2009

It's been a while....

Daddy loves his boy

My precious family

i love him!!!

My big smile from my happy baby

Rylan wore Uncle Chase's dedication outfit from when he was a baby.

Ok, so our lives have been so busy the past few weeks ever since I started working. It seems like I barely have time to sit down anymore. When I do finally sit down I'm out like a light! I don't really even need to be on here right now, but if I don't update it now, it may be another 3 weeks and I know you all look forward to seeing Rylan's progress as he grows!

Wow...working and being a wife and mother is so very hard, but I love it! I'm really enjoying working, but I do miss my precious time with my baby boy. Rylan is growing so fast and learning so many new things. He is 5 months now, and what people call, a "supported sitter". He can sit up if we put him in that position, but he cannot get in a sit up position on his own. He loves making noise!! That's for sure. And I think he has acquired an attitude that comes from the Tucker side of the We have started him on baby food and I haven't found anything he doesn't like so far. You can look at him and tell he isn't going to be very picky!! He still loves bath time and has definitely begun to laugh and smile ALOT more. Rylan is such a joy. I couldn't imagine life without him. To have a family of your own is an amazing experience and a wonderful opportunity. I'm so glad that God saw fit to allow Butch and I to have such a beautiful baby boy. He is the light of our lives.