Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Pics

November 2009

Cousin Shelby and Ry
Daddy and Ry on Uncle James' motorcycle!

On the 4 wheeler just watching everybody

Wanting to crawl and very happy about it!

Great Grandma and Ry

Gappy giving him a slice of orange

This shirt says "Less Talk, More Rock" from Julia and Brooke Tyus! So cute!

His gums were swollen right before the first tooth broke thru
(he wont let me get a pic of his teeth!)

Chase and Butch holding Rylan at a distance because neither one of them wanted to change the stinky diaper!!!!!! Isn't it just pitiful!

Mommy and Ry

Daddy and Ry

Well it's been very hectic with the holidays happening all around us. Ry has been learning so many different things and is such a happy baby. I'm just gonna list some of the new things he has started doing....

1.Claps his hands (partially)
2.Says.."blah,blah,blah"...I guess he's already learning men's interpretation of a woman's conversation! HAHA!!
3.Diving to the left or right - it's his way of reaching for something or someone since he can't quite crawl yet. (but he's getting there..)
4.He dances and bounces in church during the worship service - so he's learning to worship!
5.He holds his own bottle with both hands, and it's so adorable.
5.Sits up without any assistance and plays with any toy that's within his reach. :)
7. Smiles for the camera! He definitely knows what that's for.
8.He has his first two teeth growing in. (which is not something he learned to do, but it's a BIG deal to me!)
There are so many more accomplishments and things that I'm proud of him for...He is growing so fast. I can't believe that he will be 8 months old in a week. It's so hard to think that this time last year I was just starting to show when I was pregnant with him. I had started feeling him move around and we did not know if he was a boy or girl. We actually had our ultrasound on Dec. 18 last year, so it's almost been a year ago since we found out that we were having a little boy. I never knew the joy he would bring to our lives and the absolute love I would feel for him. He has been the light of my life.

We have started Christmas shopping for him - and oh how fun it is!!! Even though he could care less at this point. Ry would rather chew on a box than play with a new toy. (He proved that the other day at our Christmas get together at Maw-Maw's.) I've gotten him toys, clothes, educational DVDs (Baby Einstein 26 DVD Collection!!!!) and more toys....lol. I can't wait to see him opening his gifts...of course we'll have to fight him on getting the paper out of his mouth, but it will be worth it! I think this will be the best Christmas ever!