Monday, July 30, 2012

Catch up

Over the past 6 months we have had a lot going on! I have completely just ignored my blog. :(

February - March ~ Feb 4th (Butch's bday) we moved in a house on a 50 acre farm that we found for rent. We absolutely love it here. God really blessed us with this place. It gives us the privacy that the country living gives you and peace and quiet (well when all the birds aren't chirping, but that's a beautiful sound you don't hear in the city!)

In March we just continued settling in....
In April, Butch started the best job he has ever had. I had a birthday on the 5th and my baby boy turned 3 on April 24th!!! We just had a small party at home with family. It's so hard to believe he is preschool age. He amazes me everyday with everything he knows and has learned. He is using sentences and we can understand him MOST of the time!! :)

OHH I also did my first senior portrait session/family session! Dane and his family are just the best and I had a great time with them for 3 hours! :)

Photography has become something I'm EXTREMELY in love with. It's also a very good advantage when I want to have Rylan's pictures done...because I'm doing it myself!  Here are some of Rylan's 3 yr old pictures....

Ok, so May was a very eventful month....first, Butch and I went away for our anniversary on May 11-13. We went to Gadsden for the first time together and spent some time at Noccalula Falls. The color on some of my pictures is messed up when they upload...but you can get the idea.

Second, I went to Dane's graduation and had a great time....I used to babysit this kid and now he's graduating - CRAZY!

Thirdly, there was a VERY unplanned event that happened on May 17th. Butch went to work that morning feeling fine and we talked at lunch break and he sounded ok to me...he went back to work after lunch and had a seizure and because of the seizure he of course fell to the floor and ended up hitting his head on a pipe (which resulted in a concussion). I got a call from his work and they told me what had happened and that he was driven by ambulance to St. Vincents in Pell City. So I leave work in a rush and head to the hospital...crying and praying, crying and praying. I get there to the ER and get to his room and he looked horrible. They ran every kind of test and we waited. In the process of waiting Butch began to lose feeling in  his legs and arms. He was getting frightened, as was I, but I had to keep my cool. They admitted him to the hospital to keep a watch on him. They led me to his room while he went for an MRI and Bro.Sutton had arrived (thank God!!!) and found me. When they brought Butch into the room he got confused and was talking to Bro.Sutton and got very emotional...and started having another seizure. I immediately ran to the bathroom so I didn't have to watch. At this point, the doctor and nurses decided to put him in ICU for closer observation.  We stayed in ICU for 4 days and finally went to a regular room on Sunday night (5/20). We finally thought it would be ok to have Rylan come see us since Butch wasn't hooked up to monitors anymore.. No doctor was able to explain what had happened...all they did know was that all the CT scans and MRIs were normal. On Monday (our 7th anniversary) they did one final test and sent us home! He has been off the anti-seizure meds for a month now and is doing great! God is so very good to us.

 The swelled head
 resting in ICU
 First kisses in 5 days - special reuniting
 they watched Go Diego Go together
hugs before Ry had to leave :(

Due to the seizures Butch had to go a certain period of time without driving and so that left me as designated driver. With me working three days a week..I was getting up at 4 am getting ready for work, taking Butch to  Pell City, taking Ry to Dana's and then to Homewood for work. Round trip was 150 miles a day - without other errands or stops! It was a 2 hour trip in the morning and the afternoon. Sooo...I had to quit my job. But I know God is going to be with us every step of the way. It's been really good for a family to be together so much. God definitely knows what we are in need of!

The below pics are from Memorial Day weekend:

 swimming @ home
 swimming at Aunt Neida's

Then in June, my brother in law, Mark,  got married and we celebrated with them.

And here we are, at the end of July in 2012....and just got finished with VBS!!

And then...finally, Dane's graduation party that was so much fun. I'm glad I had the opportunity to be a part of it from beginning to end.

So there you have it in a nutshell!!  I hope you enjoyed all the "catch up" :)