Friday, January 22, 2010

Moving Finally!!!

We found out yesterday that we were approved for the apartments we applied for!! It's really weird that I am moving back to Moody. I never thought in a million years that I would be living there again. It's amazing how God orchestrates your steps. Butch and I have been searching for the right place for a while. Trussville is too busy, 280 is definitely a congested area, and well, Moody is just right. It's not too busy, not to far away from places we will travel to the most and it's familiar. (well to me anyway) I was telling Butch the other day that this time last year were just giddy about our new baby that was about to be born and had no idea what God would hold in store for us. It seems like after Rylan was born everything toppled upside down from everything we were becoming familiar to. We were pastoring a church in Centreville and then it seems like overnight we weren't. God had been dealing with us in different ways and showing us different things in the Holy Ghost but I think we were in denial of "it" actually happening - us leaving the church and the people we had grown to love. But we have come back to New Life and started growing in God more, getting involved, and knowing that God has orchestrated every step and I trust Him. He has a bigger plan than what we see right now...but our vision is getting real close. Well, it's about time for me to leave and head to work, but I will let you know how God is so faithful to His promises by telling you an amazing story that happened this week. Have a wonderful day!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Ry's First Christmas and New Years

That was the best we could get on New Years Eve...Ry was so tired!

I love this full belly laugh!

Finally opening presents!

Daddy and Ry checking out the horse Gappy got him

Ry wearing his hat Nonna got him and opening some clothes she got.

The family I love

We had a busy Christmas this year. It felt like we went all over the world...even though we stayed in Alabama. On Christmas Eve, we went and stayed at my parents house in Pelham and had our Christmas there. It was a lot of fun watching Rylan open his gifts and enjoy all the excitement. He had a great time and is thoroughly enjoying all of his presents. He got lots of new toys and clothes from everyone. On Christmas Day we traveled to my grandma's in Sulligent and opened gifts there with everyone. It was really hard this year because it was the first year without my grandpa and we all had a difficult time with that. But we did have little Ry to look to and enjoy. We stayed for a while and then left and headed back home to do Christmas with just Butch, Rylan and me. It's one of those times you just wait for when you have a baby...the first Christmas. We had our own little family and it was such a blessing to be able to be together and enjoy another "first". We shared another "first" with Ry just a week after Christmas when New Years rolled around. We didn't go out or do anything special. We went to my parents and stayed up with them til the clock struck 12 midnight. Then we drank our glass of red grape juice and went upstairs to be alone with just the three of us and we prayed for this new year and all that is to come.

I have way too many pictures to post them these few will have to do!