Monday, March 11, 2013


So everything is going great so far. Aislinn is growing perfectly and I am finally not having to deal with morning, afternoon and evening sickness. I have never been so sick all the time...whether I ate or not.  Thank goodness for phenergan. I've been on a sweet and sour kick for last few weeks. I mean, eating donuts and dill pickles is crazy right? Anyway....I was going to share a few of the ultrasound photos but for some reason they won't upload.  Maybe I'll get some on here soon.

I'm sure some of you are wondering how we came up with the name Aislinn. It can be pronounced 4 different ways and we chose the way we liked which was As-Lin. When I came across this name a couple years ago, I really, really liked it a lot.  I talked to Butch to see his opinion and he liked it too. We looked up the meaning and it meant vision. We know that we need vision in our lives or we perish. So knowing everything we've been through with losing two babies and other trials in our life, this name became more special to us. As I began to research more on the name is also means Ashlyn in it's Irish form. Ashlyn was always a special name to us before we were married, but it has become so popular and we didn't want to go that way. Aislinn will be a reminder of keeping a vision, God's vision and it will be a memory of things we had dreamed of when we were courting...having a little girl and naming her Ashlyn (but in Irish language - Aislinn.) I have no idea if that makes any sense to you or not, but it means a lot to us. We've dreamed of having a little girl for the past couple of years. For this to be happening is so overwhelming....and simply wonderful. Rylan told us from the beginning that he was having a little "stister". LOL He is very excited and loves seeing the little girl clothes and gifts that people have already started giving (which has been very helpful seeing we have NOTHING for a girl and EVERYTHING for a boy. LOL)

We are soooooo very excited and very thankful for our little miracle girl, Aislinn.