Sunday, September 21, 2008


Well as some of you may know, we are expecting in May. We are so thrilled about it. Our first doctors appointment is Sept. 23 at 1:00. They are going to perform an ultrasound and we are hoping to be able to hear the baby's heartbeat. My parents are super thrilled and have already bought baby outfits on their trips to Walmart - well's more my mom that does the shopping, but my dad is very excited too! When we told them the wonderful news it was the day before Grandparents Day and we gave them both a card that had a little note written inside that said this: Happy Grandparents Day, Baby Tucker is on the way! They both were so surprised. My mom started screaming with a high pitch that you've never heard before and there was lots of hugs shared. The next day, my brother came to our church service and we went out to eat and I had made a card for him as well that read: You're going to be an uncle! You have a niece or nephew on the way, Some time in May, YAY! He looked up and said "I'm going to be a WHAT??" And of course, I said "AN UNCLE!" He has been very happy and outspoken about the fact that he wants it to be a boy! It's been a very wonderful month full of exciting news to be shared with loved ones and friends. And I'm looking forward to the next 7 months and letting you be a part of the journey.

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