Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New haircut!!

Rylan got his big boy haircut that I really didn't like at first. He had long bangs and more hair for the longest time and we got it cut really short. We spiked it for a while and then we did the faux hawk (when it got a little longer). We are finally to a point now that we can comb it down and it looks ok. Haha.

He is definitely the sweetest kid I know...of course I'm going to say that; he's mine!! I really need help with one thing though - how do I get him to sleep in his own bed??? He will fall asleep in there, but he will still come get between Butch and me in the middle of the night. We may just have to get a king size bed!!

Ry is still very in love with horses. I don't know why I thought this would just be a phase. We took him to the Racking Horse Celebration 2011 in Decatur and he was fascinated...for a while. He couldn't really get up close and personal with the horses because it was a show, so he lost interest a lot faster than we thought. We did get him some REAL cowboy boots and he doesn't like to take them off! He would sleep in them if I would allow him. He LOVES his boots.

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