Monday, January 19, 2009

24 Weeks, 2 days

My hair is not done up real nice or nothing, but hey, I wasn't going no where special! These days, it's easier just to do what's EASY! It doesn't mean it's beautiful...haha.


Anonymous said...

Girl, I think that's soo sweet! You're getting so big, but ya know, that's what I absolutely LOVED about being pregnant.....was showing my belly off!!!!
I'm praying for ya'll!

Melody said...

I think you look cute! That belly is coming on out!

pumpkin said...

You look so pregnant. haha
My favorite part of being pregnant was to feel the baby move.
I am glad Bro. Butch got to experience the "move."
Praying for a quick and safe delivery.
Lord bless,
Sis. Bedwell